Founder’s Message 

It is a great pleasure to announce the founding of a new company with a mission of providing treatment for intractable diseases, for which we have long prepared.

My long-standing dedication has been directed toward solving problems associated with hearing and hearing-related communication as a scientist in the academic arena. I have delivered to the wider society with confidence a vast amount of results of academic pursuits and otorhinolaryngological approaches to symptoms.

It has to be noted, however, that treatment and prevention of hearing impairment are still left behind. Hearing loss is an enormous problem from which 500 thousand people and around 30 to 40 percent of the population aged 65 or older in the world suffer. Further, the number of hearing-impaired people is said to double by 2060 due to aging as well as hearing damage from wearing headphones.

The new company will approach a wide range of challenges from rare hearing disorders among children to age-related hearing loss, in pursuit of eradicating chronic sensorineural hearing loss, fully capitalizing on Keio University’s world-leading resources, comprising the iPS-based drug discovery approaches and the big data-based healthcare systems using IoT.

Kaoru Ogawa
Founder & Scientist, Otolink Inc.
Professor emeritus, Keio University School of Medicine